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NAME OF TREATISE: The Past and Potential of Hydropower
in the Moddeshall Valley
DATE OF WRITING: 11 September 2009
LENGTH: 122 A4 Pages at Times New Roman
ILLUSTRATIONS: Numerous text figures and 12 color photographs
FILENAME: modrmillfornet-compressed.pdf

The Scotch Brook and its major tributary that rises at
Moddeshall in North Staffordshire, England,
historically accommodated several locally-significant
watermills, especially bone or flint mills that served the
Longton chinaware ceramics industry.
Current flow conditions and energetic stream profiles
are assessed.

A book-length draft publication as a 3.5MB compressed PDF

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NAME OF TREATISE: A Spectral and Statistical Study of
River Meander Morphometry
LENGTH: 887 A4 Pages at IBM Diplomat ( PDF facsimile )
ILLUSTRATIONS: 63 text figures and 16 color photographs
FILENAME: PhDGrandConsol-compressed.pdf

A full and consolidated restoration of the original two-volume PhD Thesis
“A Spectral and Statistical Study of River Meander Morphometry”
as submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy ( Civil Engineering )
awarded in 1980 at The University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

( 73MB as a compressed PDF )

This book-length draft publication is legible
but contains low-quality photographic reproductions
for file transference reasons.
Anticipate protracted download durations.

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Header Photograph:
An Eroded Bend with a Laminated Point Bar.
The River Allen, Scotland. ( Noted as Allan Water on British OS Maps ).
OS Grid Reference NN79750580.
Looking North on the afternoon of 19 September 1978.

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