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This should be a Centered Page Title
set in 18pt Black Times New Roman
( broken after "Title" and again before this )

This is a Magenta Centered Section Heading
In 14pt Copperplate Gothic Bold
or else Arial

This is common or garden body text which should be in Times New Roman or failing that Times or failing that Arial. There should be zero-percent margination on either side and the text should be black and fully justified to the left and to the right

This is a Running Head Underscored in 14pt TNR

This is an inset paragraph in fully-justified 12pt TNR. It is intended for mainstream sequential "how-to-do-it" narrative and diagram afterspeak. Separate H4 definition may be erected for instructions lists. There will be no closing P tag as Graham infers its redundancy.

(1) Here is the First Listed Instruction

This is a link blurb set in fully-justified 10pt Arial with a 15% left inset and an 8% right inset

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